A tender story of hope and regeneration.

Pandora lives alone, in a world of broken things. No one ever comes to visit, so she spends her time gathering and mending what she can. But when a bird falls from the sky, slowly her world begins to change… A modern-day story of hope and regeneration from award-winning author Victoria Turnbull.

‘A book of quiet but considerable power.’ 
Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

‘An alluring picture book about friendship and regeneration.’
Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times

‘Turnbull continues to impress with her third book. Her work has a lyrical, dreamlike quality that draws the reader right in.‘ 
Fiona Noble, The Bookseller

‘A valuable ecological message, deftly delivered. Incandescent.’
Kirkus Reviews ★

‘As an artist, Turnbull has two crucial gifts: the power of imagination and the ability to make emotions visible.’
Publishers Weekly ★

‘I love this gentle story, beautifully illustrated and perfectly paced.’
Julie Danielson, Kirkus Reviews

‘A heart-wrenchingly emotive tale and one which ultimately offers great hope and prosperity.’
Picture Books Blogger

‘A moving, gentle, powerful and very beautiful book about so many things that are so relevant in our lives at the moment.’
Playing By The Book

‘A book that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride of joy, sadness, then joy again. Utterly gorgeous.’ 
Read It Daddy

‘An optimistic and beautifully illustrated read.’ 
The Book Sniffer, WRD Magazine

‘Victoria Turnbull is a very gifted picture book creator and Pandora is a beautiful story of friendship, hope and renewal.’
Andrea Reece, Love Reading

‘A sensitive and sweet meditation on some big themes. The story of nurture and care is a message that won’t be missed by readers of any age.’ 
Book Trust

Hardback − £11.99
ISBN 9781847807496

Paperback − £7.99
ISBN 9781847807502

Published by —
Frances Lincoln Children’s Books (UK)
Clavis Publishing (Netherlands)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (US)
Bohem Press (Germany)
Beijing Green Beans Book (China)
Humanitas (Romania)
Polyandriya (Russia)